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Brand: Holiday House Interiors

Gingerbread 8 oz Room spray (2 Bottles)

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Bring the comforting scent of freshly-baked gingerbread into any room with our Gingerbread 8 oz Room Spray. Each bottle contains enough of the spicy-sweet fragrance to instantly transform living spaces into inviting and warm havens. The velvety texture of the scent imbues a luxurious feeling that is sure to evoke feelings of cheer and joy.
Product Size: 9.25” x 2”
8 oz
(2 Bottles)

Nozzle comes with a push button locking mechanism. Unlock nozzle by pressing the black button on the neck, shake well and spray directly into the air.  

Use it to freshen up rooms throughout the home or leave a bottle in the bathroom. It can also be sprayed in linen closets, in the car and on items like throw blankets and towels. This Room Spray comes with a fine mist trigger spray that emits the perfect amount of fragrance with each squeeze. Available in a variety of aromas and scents for all occasions.

Made in the USA